Tax Incentive Advisory

At Frank Consulting, our core specialization is to assist our clients in identifying and attaining Malaysian tax incentives that matches the activities of their company. In Malaysia, tax incentives which grant partial or total relief from income tax payment for a specified period are provided for in the Promotion of Investments Act (PIA) 1986 and Income Tax Act 1967.

The incentives cover investments in the manufacturing, agriculture, tourism (including hotel) and approved services sectors as well as Information Technology, R&D and environmental protection activities. These tax incentives are provided in the form of ‘Statuses’ which are made available for both Malaysian companies and inward investors from a wide range of Malaysian institution and government bodies. The available ‘statuses’ in Malaysia are listed as follows:

Agency Status Category Tax Exemption
Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) MSC Status ICT 100 10
Malaysia Industrial Development Authority (MIDA)* Pioneer Status General 70 5
Hi-Tech 100 5
Small Scale 100 5
Promoted 100 10
Specialized 100 10
BioTech Corp Bionexus Status Biotechnology 100 10

*The MIDA tax incentive depends on the category in which applicant’s products are classified under.

Feel free to contact us and we will look into strategies to enable your company to capitalize and benefit from the available tax incentives in Malaysia.